This food processor makes many kitchen tasks much easier


I’ve had this for a couple of weeks now. I do still have some trepidation about the reviewers who posted about having problems, especially after a few months or a year. If that happens to me, I will update this review. I went ahead and purchased this despite those reviews because the competitors also have some people reporting a bad experience, and because this had the features I wanted. I bought this to replace a basic 7 cup Cuisinart that served me faithfully for 12 years (gave it to my son and daughter-in-law who are establishing a household), and before I got it I first purchased and returned the Kitchenaid 14 cup processor with the dicing kit.

So far, I love this machine. The 14 cup size allows me to grate a couple pounds of carrots or thinly slice a medium head of cabbage without having to stop and empty out the bowl. The wide feed chute allows you to cram more stuff in, thus reducing the number of times you have to “reload.” But if you have something narrower that you don’t want going sideways (like say you want to finely slice green onions), there is a smaller feed chute inside the pusher for the main chute. I really like the coarse grating disc; the Kitchenaid only came with a “medium” shred which I found too small for carrots, practically juicing them. I’ve made almond butter with it as well, worked great. It does not dice (which the Kitchenaid did) but for my purposes the included French Fry disc is an acceptable substitute. That’s worked great for zucchini and eggplant. It’s much easier to assemble than the Kitchenaid, there are clearly marked spots to align the bowl and the lid. The julienne disc is handy too.

It does come with a small bowl which I have not used. It has to be put inside the larger bowl and you still use the larger lid (As far as I can tell all the larger food processors which come with a smaller bowl are the same). And I think you can only use it with the chopping blade (not the discs). I got a Ninja Master Prep which is perfect for just chopping an onion (or a couple shallots or a small quantity of nuts).

It takes up a fair bit of space, although less than the Kitchenaid did. The included case that stores the blades and discs can be stored on its size to save space.


Superhero Steam Cleaner

Messy, unorganized, dirty and the list can go on. Those were some of the words people would say whenever they walk into my room. I’m glad that I checked on the steam cleaner reviews and got the best deal.

My mom would babble about my room’s condition whenever I come back from work. I’ve always felt annoyed and it would lead to us throwing tantrum towards one another. It’s not enough that I have to deal with my boss and my 13 hours job; I have to deal with my mom when I get back home.

The steam cleaner became the hero, it is light and handy. I could use it to clean every nook and cranny effortlessly. As much as I hate to admit this, I am starting to enjoy cleaning my room. The steam cleaner not only saved my room but it saved my relationship with mom. I think I know exactly what to get her for her coming birthday this month.